Some systems are experiencing issues

Past Incidents

20th January 2017

No incidents reported

19th January 2017

Emergency maintenance Aurora Agile nodes., scheduled 1 day ago

The following Aurora Agile nodes will be taken down for emergency maintenance;


Instances on these nodes will be unavailable for an estimated 30-60 minutes during the maintenance window.

18th January 2017

RHEV Cloud Issues RHEV cluster

We're currently experiencing issues with one of the storage nodes in our RHEV cluster, various instances are therefore currently in 'paused' state. We're working very hard to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

Update 23:45 - the storage node is up and running again, instances are currently resuming normal operation and we're closely monitoring the situation.

Update 23:50 - all systems are operational again.

17th January 2017

No incidents reported

16th January 2017

Maintenance Aurora Agile

We are currently experiencing issues with and

We expect the downtime to copy the data and replace the disk to be 1 hours.

update: The chassis has bin swapped. We will investigate the old chassis and if needed take further action.

15th January 2017

No incidents reported

14th January 2017

No incidents reported