Some systems are experiencing issues
Scheduled Maintenance
Maintenance Aurora zones LAX and TYO

On 26 September we will do maintenance on 2 of our Aurora Compute zones; LAX and TYO. During this maintenance we will upgrade our Cloud software to its newest version.

In the morning we will upgrade TYO between; 10:00-12:00 (CEST), 03:00-05:00 (JST) And in the afternoon we will upgrade LAX between; 13:00-15:00 (CEST), 04:00-06:00 (PDT)

Maintenance shared webhosting mysql servers

All shared webhosting mysql servers will be taken down for regular maintenance and software upgrades, downtime will most likely be approximately fifteen minutes per server. During the maintenance window websites may display database connection errors but normal operation will automatically resume after the maintenance is completed, no manual intervention should be required.

The affected sql servers are;


23rd September 2017

No incidents reported

22nd September 2017

No incidents reported

21st September 2017

No incidents reported

20th September 2017

Informatie over de E-mail storing / Information regarding E-mail outage

Inmiddels hebben we alle geautomatiseerde herstelprocedures als gevolg van de mailstoring van afgelopen maandag afgerond.

Het kan in uitzonderlijke gevallen voorkomen dat u onverhoopt nog problemen ervaart. Wij zullen in die gevallen persoonlijk naar uw mailbox kijken om overgebleven problemen op te kunnen lossen. Als dit voor u geldt willen we u vragen per e-mail contact met ons op te nemen (op zodat we uw individuele geval zo snel mogelijk kunnen behandelen.

  • Als gevolg van de herstelprocedure kan het zijn dat uw mailprogramma de email opnieuw binnen haalt en/of als ongelezen markeert. Dit kunnen we helaas niet voorkomen.


All automated recovery procedures due to the recent mail outage from Monday have in the meantime been completed.

In exceptional cases you could still encounter issues. In these cases we will look at your mailbox on an individual basis to solve the remaining issues. If this applies to you we would like to ask you to contact us through email at so we can handle your individual case as soon as possible.

  • Your email client could potentially again download and/or mark old messages as unread. We sadly cannot prevent this.

19th September 2017

No incidents reported

18th September 2017

Shared Hosting e-mail issues

Due to a malfunction on our mailplatform, which started around midnight, a part of the mailboxes on our mail platform are currently unavailable or presenting no emails.

We are currently hard at work restoring the affected mailboxes, these recovery procedures will take until somewhere late in the evening.

The affected mailboxes will be unavailable during the recovery procedure. Batches of affected mailboxes will become available steadily in the course of the day and evening. We sadly cannot give priority to certain mailboxes during this procedure.

New emails received during the recovery procedure (starting from around 12:00 today) will be delivered to mailboxes later, after recovery.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

Update 18 september 19:00 The recovery procedure is still running. It is expected to be finished around midnight. Our engineers are working on and monitoring the progress throughout the evening and night.

Update 18 september 22:30 Due to the speed of the recovery, restoring of some of the affected mailboxes we expect will take until tomorrow morning. We will continue to work throughout the night. As the recovery completes, more and more customers will see that the e-mail has been returned to their inboxes. Unfortunately it's only possible to deliver the mail that has been arrived since the start recovery procedure, when the recovery has been completed fully. We expect this to happen somewhere in the early hours of tomorrow morning (Tuesday).

Update 19 september 07:45 All but one batch of restores has been completed in the past night. We expect this last one to be finished in the upcoming few hours.

Update 19 september 11:25 We expected the aforementioned last restore batch to be finished around noon but this one unfortunately failed the first time. We are resuming the restore of these mailboxes and currently estimate that this will take until the afternoon today.

In the meantime we are restoring e-mail delivery for mailboxes that already have been restored.

Update 19 september 13:30 We make good progress on the restore of the last batch of mailboxes. We are currently working on the last four servers of the mail platform, containing this batch. On two of them we are currently merging mails from the backups into the current mailbox. Customers using these affected mailboxes should see improvements in the upcoming hours. The speed of this process is limited by the size of mailboxes and speed (CPU and disk) of the affected servers. On the other two the backups have been transferred and we are about to start this merging process.

Update 19 september 16:15 The aforementioned merging process on the first two servers is finished and the merging process on the last two servers is currently running. This will however take more hours to complete, so we fairly expect the whole process to be finished around midnight.

Update 19 september 21:31 At this time all restores and most mailbox merges (backup with current mailbox) are done. Currently the final server is merging backups with newly delivered mails at this moment. We expect this process to take at least a few more hours.

Update 00:20 The merging of the backup is still in progress. We expect to finish this process in the next couple of hours.

Update 08:30 We are now waiting for the merge of the last 20% of mailboxes on the last server, which has been running throughout the night. We do and have done everything to speed up this process. We expect this to be finished in the next 2 hours.

Update 11:00 The last merge is completed and therefore the recovery is done. We ask people who still encounter issues to contact us by e-mail so we can handle each case individually and as fast as possible.

17th September 2017

No incidents reported