System operational
Core router hardware replacement

From sunday 26-1 23:00 until monday 04:00 we will be replacing/upgrading one of our core routers with a newer model. Although our network is setup with redundancy, some downtime may occur. Directly affected customers have been informed. For customers who are not directly affected: our other core routers should take over it's tasks, all traffic should be failover to our other locations. Incidental outage may occur until completion of the maintenance.

Past Incidents

21st January 2020

Compute Amsterdam Hypervsior interruption zone03 AMS02

Due to an unexpected issue during scheduled network maintenance in the zone03 AMS02 region are we seeing certain hypervisor freezes and hickups. Our engineers are looking into the cause and working on a solution.

Network hickups Cloud Hypervisor

Last night and this morning, we have experienced network hickups in the connection to one of our Cloud Hypervisors. The root cause of the issues was determined to be a malfunctioning network interface.

It has been ensured that the problems are solved for now. We might experience one or two more hickups later this day to facilitate implementation of a permanent solution. If these hickups do occur, they will last only a couple of minutes.

This message will be updated when this solution has been implemented, or if there are significant changes to the situation before that.